Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ever since my mind has been able to evaluate things... Landscapes have always been like a fantasy to me. As a child when I used to see photographs of landscapes....mountains, sunsets,rays of sun coming through a blanket of clouds....I just used to stare and admire those.

Now I have got my own new dSLR- Canon Rebel 450D....I am trying my hand at them. Last week I went to Skyline Drive.....and it was great. Although I felt I was a weel late for the actual fall....rain and wind couple of days prior ruined the perfect fall...but it wasn't as bad either.

Sunsets have always been my favs....and to get one good shot a whole day gives alot of satisfaction. The pic below is one of my fav's till now. The atmosphere here is so great and its just that one particular moment. It remains like this for a couple of minutes and then the color changes. I feel I have been really lucky to be there at the right time to capture the shot. And thats wht actually the photography is.....capturing the right moment at the right time.

I had been away from this blog for a long time and the photography occupied most of my free time. Even yesterday I read about the HDR and when I was doing it myself I wasn't able to get the desired results...needs alot of time for that. But I hope I will be able to take out time for my blog as well.

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Preeti said...

thats a lovely picture ....keep on posting ...