Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Challa!

Sitting home whole day and searching for a job...well I thought to use this time in a more efficient way with little intrest. So I decided to bring out the writer in me.

Its been a long time ever since I first heard this song 'Challa' by The Legend Gurdas Mann and its been kind of imprinted in my mind. I would often find my self humming it. Challa is a ring which is a symbol of love. You can listen to it youtube at the link below.

Well I have heard an Australian Challa on youtube and this is how I came up with our Amreekan Challa.

So this Challa has come to US......and there are many ways to reach the so called Dream Destination. Some come here to study, some after marriage, some through illegal means and some like me on a work visa(H1B).

So here it goes...

O Challa Aaya E Parne, Ve Kamm Storan Te Karne,
Te Cooler Beeran De Bharne, Ve Gal Sun Shudaiya,
Ve Jind Kyun Vakhtan Ch Paayiaa...

O Challa Charh Ghori Aaya, Sauriyan Daada Sataiya,
Te Kamm Koi Rass Nahi Aaya, Rone Nu Labhdi Nahi Thaan,
Te Chete Aaundi Hun Maa...

Saiyo Ni Ik Bhul Maithon Hoyi,
Ni Jera Amreeka Dera Laayaoo,
H1 Nu Aithe Koi Puchna Naahii,
Kahinde Green Card Laayaoo,
Ik Vi Project Na Mainu Labhiya,
Te Main Karje Hethaan Aayaa...

O Chala H1 Te Aaya,Recession Ghera Paaya,
Te Kaal Joban Da Aaya, Ve Gal Sun Chaliya Dhola,
Ve Kahda Paana Ae Rola...

O Challa Kille Vech Aaya, Jinhe Haath Kamm Nu Na Laaya,
Te Aithe Kamm Ne Sataaya, O Main Kiha Chado Janaab,
Hun Chete Aaunda Punjab...