Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tough Times Don’t Last…

I was just a child then and like most children never really liked the idea of being a bookworm. I would rather go out and play and if never had anything I would create games of my own and have fun. Tough times were kind of never heard phrase at that point of time in my life. No one is to be blamed, such is the age and such are the memories. And there are some moments, some faces, some wordings get engraved somewhere in the mind forever.

I remember a friend of mine gave me a book to read. It was ‘Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do’ and honestly I never really read this book but the wording got imprinted on my mind.

There is no better book than life to teach you what this actually means. Slowly as we grow old the definition of the tough times change and it does more than we would ever expect it to. Now we think it was so much fun being kids. I sometimes wonder that we can’t just wait to grow old when we are young and now when we are getting old, we feel it was so much better being kids.

It’s been almost a year….since I have been at work. I have tried almost everything which I could…but still nothing. As luck would have it has all been downhill till now and the trend still continues. The way the things are happening it is obvious that I haven’t hit the bottom yet. Don’t know when would be the bottom and then would be the upward movement because………“Tough Times Don’t Last”.